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released May 16, 2011

Recorded at Studio 1654 by Justin Moyer. Mastered by TJ Lipple.

Players: Bob Doto, Daneil Mazone, Justin Moyer, Aaron Leitko

Cover art drawing by Becky Carter. Layout and design by Bob Doto.



all rights reserved


SPRCSS Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: World Revenge
There's something that I feel in the bottom of the flesh, and it's staccato, and it's carcasses, and it's plastic upon the breath.

And then the ceiling caves in from a steadily increasing consensual of the un-sensual

Legs revenge
Revenge against the tar top

Eye revenge
Revenge against the street lamp

Hands revenge
Revenge against the etiquette

Head revenge
Revenge against the fumbled word

Heart revenge
Revenge against the formal fear

Sex revenge
Revenge against the never said

Guts revenge
Revenge against common toxin

We revenge

Yr brain revenge, yr blood revenge, yr mouth revenge and your tongue revenge, yr spine revenge, yr seat revenge, and yr face revenge against the never living and then it ends

Then in the pumping heart that beats irregular: abnormal pulse from the edge of your finger, abnormal pulse from the liquid that’s in you.

Stimulation over stimulation over

Legs revenge...
Track Name: Listen to the Cock Crow
On the morning you deny me three times
don't ask the Romans or the Pharis-i
It's unlikely they'll edify
but likely that they'll horrify
and they can't explain the reason why
that you had to go I against I

Listen to the cock crow three times

A black moon in a black sky
casts a shadow of a terrifying shape and size
a blank mind in a blank sky
leads me to believe that Babylon is on the rise

Show me the man that believes in love
the kind of love that I've been dreaming of
Track Name: All Hail Yr Coming Apocalypse
If we started to think about numbers and means and ways
And our goal was clear we just let it be always strange
The way we spoke and the way we learned
And the way we kept them confused by what they heard us
Storming the lawn like freeing the bees
Of the mythic pleasure bringing you to your knees
The newsman combs his always-hair
Over skulls and lust for Nazi millionaires

First relation: the unknown becomes the known
Second relation: the known becomes unknown again
Third relation: the human divides it’s Self
And now my tongue moves faster than it ever has
Naming every season counting every coin
Wrapping every animal in the letters I join
The cult of the vowel to free up my skin
While the pixels pick your heart to find a better way in

The first rebellion: care for the broken heart
The second rebellion: embrace the human skin
And the third rebellion: level those phone towers
Even though you may never hear my voice again
Cutting through the sky
Cutting through the air
Cutting through the made up situations we fear
Plastic paranoia
Plastic anxiety
“Where are they now?” and “How long will they ever be here?”

And if the edges of the words get blurred by the rain
And get covered in the blood of the enemies we’ve slain
And the eyes of the State look at you and see seams
Then let the hand that has guided you crush them in between
The shape of your palms that shake every herb
That shake every planet and shake every verb
Shake those that bless you in your every “I love you”
And those that come to cut you fall breathless under Her foot